100-score Web Vitals & brilliant technical SEO for your website blog

Push web vitals of your web blog up to the absolute maximum (Google Page Speed Insights & Lighthouse).

We will add newest search engine capabilities to your blog required to the next-age SEO like SERP features and modern social Open Graph tags.

maintains extreamly high performance and implements newest crawler features for you

Web vitals metrics show general page perfromance and being collected into Google BigQuery database every time when users visits your web pages.

It is extreamly challenging to satisfy good metrics on your website or CMS without having an expert web developers team. That is why we created the

Just connect our optimized backend to “content part” of your website and add posts using our special writing dashboard, so content will be delivered via your website. This also gives us an oportunity to instantly implement newest serach engine capabilities needed for next-age SEO like Google AMP, all SERP-features compatibility, correct open-graph tags.
maintains extreamly high performance and implements newest crawler features for you

Improve your rankings

In Jul 2021 Google rolled out Page Experience update after which Web Vitals started influence a pages rank. Sites with lower values went down in search engine output.

Even if you have a great content – slow pages might hurt your rankings and competitors who performing hard tech work will beat you. We will make your blog faster then everyones because it is our area of expertise.

We follow best web performance standards and newest crowler features.
Improve your rankings

Now your users will not be bounced

Are you sure a new users read your content at all now?

How many seconds does it take for your pages now to load on a fresh browser (which opens your site for the first time)? After Google research, probability of bounce increases with every additional second of loading.

We know you work hard on content, but don’t waste your affords with a pure tech implementation, try FastDivs and you will see the grow of leads and new readers.
Now your users will not be bounced

Make your content more shareable and clickable on social media

In our era of social networks it is extreamly important to understand that your juicy interesting content should be shared via social media.

But to show nice previews and correct titles along with descriptions you need to implement special Openg Graph markup. Instead we suggest just use our service and we will do it all for you according to our expertise.

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Make your content more shareable and clickable on social media

We have a rich free plan

We never include FastDivs brand links or watermarks on your pages even on free plan. Your content is always yours. Also free plan supports all SERP features, best performance and unlimited number of editors and flexible styling.

However we suggest extra features like redirects on posts renaming, and advanced plugins in pro plan.  See pricing

Our aim is to show you that you will earn much more from your sales first, so you will want to pay our pro plan to extend your revenue even more and after it you will still have a great profit.
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We have a rich free plan

Your blog will be faster then

See proofs from our research

How does it work technically?

  1. Sign up to our dashboard Sign up now for free
  2. Add your domain to CloudFlare (famous free CDN service) and follow simple one-time integration guide which has three alternate options to settle your blog:

    - Subdomain like blog.yoursite.com
    - Subfolder yoursite.com/blog/*
    - Fulldomain yoursite.com
From this moment all you need is write posts. FastDivs will provide best level of technical SEO and when search engines release new features our team will introduce them automatically. You can adjust styles acording to your main website style without affecting performance.

You can also add various plugins like Google Analytics tracking code or Disqus comments